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18 May 2019 @ 09:30 am
Wow, that means it's Saturday, followed by Sunday. That means Game of Thrones is over, finally. After this terrilble final season, I couldn't take anymore. Rushed storyline, abandoned character arcs, characters acting out of character...bad writing and a lousy thanks to the fans.

We don't have to worry about any of that here as our Man from U.N.C.L.E. is a fandom that's survived for over 50 years thanks to the writing...a lot of it outstanding, by the devoted fans of Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin.

WRITER'S AND READER'S CHOICE gives you, the writers and readers of MFU fanfiction, the opportunity to post your personal recs, be it your own stories or those of your favorite authors.

Find your faves from way back when and revive them here, or rec a more recently written story. Post a link to those stories here in section7mfu

Just remember, Section7mfu is a gen site, however that being said, you may rec stories of a gen-mature nature that contain violence, torture, or mild het. Anyother genres other than gen or gen-mature should be posted in our sister site mfu_map_room.

Please use the subject header and tag:' writers and readers choice'

We're looking forward to reading your recs!

This story was prompted by 'Eye of the Storm' by the Cruxshadows. It didn't quite go the way I expected, but it still fits the prompt I think. Also, the story I wrote put me in mind of the 'Village Green Preservation Society' by the Kinks.

~I believe in what I fight for
And I have paid for it with pain
I am here because my contributions
May help turn this fate away
And all who stood by and did nothing
Who are they to criticise?
The sacrifices of others
Our blood has bought their lives~

Click the pic to go to AO3.

Things aren't going well.jpg
Lisa Rogers buzzed in to her chief. After a few seconds’ delay, she received Waverly’s distracted response. “Yes.”

“Sir, Director MacDonald of Intelligence and Counter Espionage is on a secure line. He says it’s urgent.”

Papers shuffled. “Oh, all right. Put him through.”
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My song story isn't quite finished yet. Hopefully I'll be posting it tomorrow. In the meantime, click the pic to go to a story I wrote quite some time ago, which was based on one of the song prompts. Most people have already read it, but it will serve until my new story (based on the other prompt) is ready.

Hold your head up high, for there is no greater love
Think of the faces of the people you defend
And promise me, they will never see, the tears within our eyes
Although we are men, with mortal sins
Angels never cry.

-from the song 'Winterborn' by The Cruxshadows.

The prompt is The Cruxshadows' "Eye of the Storm."  My thanks again to jantojones for suggesting songs with such profound lyrics.

Napoleon was tired.  He and Illya had returned to Headquarters after an extremely grueling mission in Iowa that had only been partly successful in his opinion.  They had been debriefed for almost two hours by the Old Man who had insisted their assignment was a rousing success because they had destroyed THRUSH’s newest lab after having stolen the blueprints for a laser beam.  They had been dismissed with orders not to return to work for a week after close of business.

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15 May 2019 @ 04:37 pm
I forgot to post the Drabble blurb, but I have written one.  It isn't too late for you to write one too :D
drbble umbrella.jpg

“What’re you looking at?” Illya glanced up at his partner, not in any hurry to answer.

“Oh, just some brochures.”

“Why? What are you planning? Are you going …’ Napoleon sounded jittery, his questions coming rapid fire.

“Are you going with April? Oh wow, I knew it was something like that!”

Then Illya saw it, the unshaven face, a shadow of something around his mouth.

“How much coffee have you had?” It must have been an all night meeting with Waverly.

“Mmmm… a few cups…’ That wasn’t right.

“ two pots.’’ Napoleon looked concerned, agitated.

“Now what?” He was squirming.

“Gotta pee…”


The prompt was this photo originally posted by Jantojones.


The blond Russian sat alone atop the roof of UNCLE headquarters in New York; this wasn’t the first time, nor would it be the last.

There was a cigarette in his hand, smoldering away though he hadn’t taken a drag from it. He was in one of his attempts to quit smoking and thought if he could just hold it, that would be enough.

Apparently it wasn’t and he finally brought it to his lips and inhaled deeply. The burning sensation in his mouth and throat did nothing for him, but the nicotine did, or maybe it was just the act of smoking that had a calming effect on him.

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14 May 2019 @ 08:35 am
I do realize that some of you in other parts of the world have already had a Tuesday Morning, so to you... Good Afternoon or Good Evening.
I want to remind everyone of some things still going on and open for participation.
A few days ago I opened up a thread for an Impromptu Challenge, based on a photo of DMc/Illya, originally posted by jantojones. You can find the prompt HERE
We started a conversation about the idea of Unconscious Plagiarism, thanks to threecee It's an interesting topic that has probably occurred to most writers, perhaps been noticed by all of us who read.  The post is HERE

And we cannot forget that the Spring Round Robin is ongoing.  If you've missed it or need to catch up, here's the story so far:

chapter 1 by jantojones
chapter 2 by glennagirl
chapter 3 by alynwa
chapter 4 by jkkitty
chapter 5 by mrua7
chapter 6 by sidhe_uaine42
Short Affair 5/13
Prompt: Ice
Color: Silver

Title: "Mountain Time"
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~710
Summary: In which Illya is lost in the snowy mountains, but Napoleon manages to come to the rescue–with a pun, as well. Takes place in the second year of the partnership.

Available at my DreamWidth.


Prompts - Ice / Party / Silver
Word Count - 359

Click the pic to go to AO3.

Knowing Smile.png