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2015 HODOWE #1 Challenge (Ben Franklin's Birthday) Guidelines

  Sorry to be a bit slow on getting these guidelines posted for our first HODOWE (e.g. HOLIDAYS OF DUBIOUS ORIGINS WRITING EVENT) challenge (and first seasonal challenge) of the year. I know this doesn't give folks as much of a timeframe to write their stories as I generally like to allow, so I do apologize for that. Hopefully some folks will find the inspiration to write a story for this challenge in the shorter timeframe.

So anywho, here are the guidelines for the HODOWE: Ben Franklin's Birthday seasonal challenge.

CHALLENGE: Write an MFU fanfic story regarding the ideas embodied in Ben Franklin's Birthday. The story doesn't have to necessarily mention or include the day by name; just embody a scenario that fits the concept behind it. General ideas here: (1) invention, remember Franklin was an inventor of some renown; (2) publishing or newscasting, as Franklin was quite the journalist; (3) diplomacy of one kind or another because Franklin was definitely the diplomat; and (4) making any sort of political statement, whether publicly or privately, as Franklin was nothing if not outspoken.

STATISTICAL STUFF: Minimum of 500 words with no set maximum. (Drabbles are not incorporated in this particular challenge.) Must fit into the overall concepts of this community, i.e., contain no explicit adult material and reflect the 1960s series in style and content. Please tag your story with the hodowe and ben_bday tags.

POSTING: To this forum starting on Saturday, January 17th, and ending on Saturday, January 24th.
Tags: challenges, hodowe, section vii
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