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ABC's Affair 2019 N-Natchez

After stopping at headquarters for appropriate clothing, the men walked up the gangplank for the Steamboat Natchez.    The sounds of a steam calliope greeted them.  The old world look of the ship had the men looking at everything that they passed.  Entering the main hall, they looked over the rich red furniture, golden accents on the walls and a golden chandelier hanging in the middle of the hall.  Men in evening jackets and women in long dresses were dancing to the jazz band. 

“How do we find the Thrush transfer in this crowd,” Illya asked. 

After looking around, Napoleon pointed at a beautiful woman in the center of the floor, “There.”

“And what makes you so sure?” Illya huffed.  “Remember we are here to stop Thrush to from receiving the poison not find you a date.”

Napoleon placed his hand over his heart, “You wound me.   I do know how to keep my mind on the assignment.”

“Right,” Illya mumbled.   “So how do you know.”

“Look at her purse.   Every other woman here has a clutch bag, here is a large over the shoulder.   No woman coming to a place like this would carry one like that.”

Glancing around Illya noticed that Napoleon was correct.  “So how do we get it away from her?”  

“Just watch and learn.  When I give you the signal, be ready to grab it.”

“And how do you suggest we get away from the boat while it’s moving?”

“How deep is that water do you think?”  Napoleon gulped.

“Over the side then,” Illya looked at his uncomfortable partner.

With a nod, Napoleon headed toward the lady in question.   Within a few minutes and whisper in her ear, she placed the purse under her chair and accepted his hand heading toward the dance floor. 

Illya quickly moved towards the table, grabbed the purse and headed toward the door as two men started to chase him at the same time as Napoleon felt a gun in his back.

The splash outside let Napoleon know his partner was heading toward the shore so he bowed to the woman and allowed himself to be taken out quietly so no one would be injured.

Watching from the shore, Illya saw two men escorting Napoleon to a dingy after showing papers to the captain.  Handcuffed the three men slowly headed toward the shore. 
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