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ABC's Affair 2019 M-Magnolia

Napoleon and Illya heard the Thrush agents yelled, “Over there,” as they were spotted. A few more steps and the UNCLE agents disappeared into a grove. Weaving through the tree, they could hear their pursuers swearing about losing them then heard them going the other way. Napoleon allowed himself to collapse against a white flowering tree while Illya flopped down beside him.

“I think we lose them,” Napoleon said.


A flower dropped down Napoleon’s face. What type of tree is this?”

“Magnolia, to be exact southern magnolia, the state flower of Louisiana. The guide book states it is a very aromas flower,” Illya began.

“I shouldn’t have asked,” Napoleon said then grumbled. “I should have never bought you that book at the airport."

“You did ask. Now back to business. What did the message say?”

“We need to catch the Natchez steamboat, and intercept the money Thrush is going to use to buy the poison sumac dust.”

Illya shook his head, “Do they ever run out of ways to kill? I suppose they plan on spraying over the Mardi Gras crown. It is surprising that Thrush Central would agree to a plan like this. It will bring so many governments on their head.”

“Actually, I think this is Crocker’s way of getting Central to notice him.”

“He may get his wish with a bullet,” Illya agreed.

Something fell on Napoleon's face, causing him to jump off while he wiped it off. “What in God name was that?”

Illya picked up the beetle and showed him. “It is just a sap-feeding beetle just one of the insects that live on the magnolia tree.”

“Whatever,” Napoleon shivered and moved away. “I have no intention of becoming beetle food."

Illya smirked, “You are afraid of this little bug but not Thrush guns?”

Napoleon brushed himself off, “We have a boat to catch.” He sulked away toward the sound of the water. The sound of Illya’s laughter following him.
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