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Reaping Mary Sue Or How Reapermum finally got published - part V

Original Plot Summary reapermum -
Part  Imrua7 -
Part II glennagirl
Part III avirra
Part IV glennagirl -

Haylan, Marta and Britta Kullberg along with Maria Slate walked down the QE2’s ramp to the dockside.

All were excited and apprehensive in equal measures, not knowing how this reunion would pan out. Maria especially so, as she knew Illya had developed feelings for her and she had to break the news she was in love with Haylon, the brother he never knew about.

Illya stood on the dockside, waiting to meet a family he never knew he had. He searched his memories; he knew he was very young at the time he’d been separated from them, but unsurprisingly, still couldn’t dredge up any images, even vague ones.

A smile touched his lips as he caught sight of Mark's sister coming towards him, a tall blond male walking close on her right, the two women, his mother and sister, on her left.  The smile dropped slightly as he noted the stranger, who he guessed must be his brother, had his arm around Marie's waist, but this was temporarily overshadowed by the sight of his family hurrying towards him.

Britta had tears in her eyes as she hugged him close to her; she knew, as only a mother could, this was her youngest son who stood before her, she was saying his real name ‘Niklas’ over and over again, a name unfamiliar to Illya’s ears, briefly he wondered what his name would be now.

After a while his mother gathered herself together and stepped back. “Niklas, I am so happy you are alive, I never believed I would see you again. We are so grateful Maria saw you and told us about you.” She beckoned her daughter forward, “This is your sister Marta.”

His sibling smiled and hugged him, her eyes overflowing, “hello little brother, I always believed you were around somewhere, but never thought I’d ever see you again. We owe Marie a great deal,” she sniffed

Illya started to feel a little uncomfortable with all the attention, not being the kind of person who liked all the physical contact, but glad to know he was now a part of a family. He turned towards Marie Suzette and Haylan.

“I believe you must be my brother Haylan?” He offered his hand to the man.

“Yes, I am, and I’m very pleased to meet you.” He took the hand and pulled the slender younger male into a bear hug, slapping his back before releasing him.

Marie stepped forward, knowing she had to break the news of her engagement to Haylan. She gave him a quick hug and made sure Illya noticed the ring on her finger. Catching her hand he looked at the diamond nestled on her finger, before quickly masking his disappointment.

“I believe congratulations are in order Marie?”

She gave a nervous smile, “yes, It was because you looked so much like Haylan that I was drawn to you and after I went back home, I realised I was in love with him.”

“I am pleased for you. I hope you will be happy together,” Kuryakin smiled, hiding his feelings.

As they spent the rest of the day all together and learning about each other, Illya watched the interaction between the couple and smiled to himself, maybe it was a lucky escape after all; he found some of her mannerisms, he’d at first thought sweet, increasingly annoying as the day crept on….
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