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"Taking Aim" for the Short Affair Challenge June 11, 2018

Challenge: The Short Affair

-Prompt Word 1 - Block

-Prompt Word 2 Expire

-Prompt Colour Crimson

Author: mrua7

Title: “Taking Aim”

Word count: approximately 550

Every year an agent’s licence to kill, though Waverly didn’t like calling it that, would expire. All gun carrying personnel were required to visit the shooting range and be recertified before the expiration date.

Not everyone was recertified at the same time, as that would result in a backlog of immense proportions at the range.

Agents, when they joined the Command would have that marked as their anniversary date and their certification to carry as well. Whether you were Security, Section II, Section III or armed staff, you had to have it done.

It even included Mr. Waverly, as Section I was not exempt, though he was not in the field... from time to time if was something he'd ignore. He’d pop up on Solo and Kuryakin most often, and to their surprise help finish up their assignment.

Waverly would often have a look of delight in his eyes when doing so, leaving his agents to conclude that you can take the man out of the field, but never the action of the field out of the man.

Today it was the Old Man’s turn in the carousel, and he brought his trusty Colt Commando .38 Special out for the occasion. The gun though American made became the weapon of choice for British police, but after Dunkirk, it was pressed into service for the military.

Waverly having been wounded during the war eventually became involved with the OSS and his gun came with him.

Granted he could use an UNCLE Special which was the same caliber though semi-automatic, but still he preferred his Colt.

He stood at the carousel, aiming his pistol at the target which was a silhouette in the figure of a man.

Waverly let go six shots in a row, then hit the return button for the paper target to be brought forward for examination.

There was no doubt the Old Man would be recertified as the bullet holes were in the configuration of a smiling face.

“May I hang this sir for the other agents to see?” The Range Master requested.

Waverly cleared his throat. “Why not. It’ll give my people a bit of a challenge.”

Everyone passed their recertification, though not all with the style of Mister Waverly...with the exception of Kuryakin whose shooting pattern was in the shape of an X on the torso of the target.  Napoleon duplicated the smiling face with one difference; the face had only one eye, and the remaining shot was right where the target’s heart would be.

Of course the two partners went into their usual back and forth banter about their targets and whose was the better.

Solo said his had more panache, Kuryakin said panache was all well and good, but X marked the spot for killing the enemy. That was the purpose of shooting the bad guys and style had nothing to do with it.

Waverly, who was up in the viewing room watched on with amusement; he always made sure he was present when these two recertified as they always put on a good show.

The shooting range wasn’t busy, and Napoleon issued a challenge.

“Best out of three tovarisch. Let’s set up a new block of targets.”

“You are on, but you will lose,”Illya snickered.”You always do.”

“I’ve been practicing,” Napoleon smiled.

“Oh...I am so scared,” Illya laughed hard, his face turning crimson from it.

As did Waverly. “Highly amusing these two, wot?” He said to the Range Master.

“Yes sir, they are, but they are without a doubt the to you that is.”

“Thank you young man,” Waverly winked.

Tags: gen, mrua7, short_affair
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