alynwa (alynwa) wrote in section7mfu,

The June Song Story Challenge Artist: Maren Morris!

Your song choices are "The Middle" and "The Company We Keep."  You can click on the links to see the lyrics and/or check out the videos below.  The rules are quite simple: Write a story minimally 500 words with no maximum, using one of the songs as inspiration.  If you're feeling especially creative, write two!  Please use the tag "song story" and remember, Section VII is a Gen site.  If you wish to write a slash tale, post it in uncle_du_jour and provide a link to it on this site.  If you wish to write a het story, please post it in the mfu_maproom, again with a link to the story posted here.  Posting begins June 21st.

Happy writing!

Tags: song story
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