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The ABC AFFAIR II -Challenge. It's back!

Last year's ABC Challenge was such a resounding success, that we decided it to run it again.

This year there is a theme for the challenge and that is 'cities and towns of the world.' You can write a gen or gen-mature sentence, a paragraph, a drabble, a brief story or a poem. Short and sweet. Easy peasy!

The prompts are again the letters of the alphabet, so this is a 26 day challenge and will begin June 5th and run to June 30th.

As Glenna said last year, "Let's see what happens when we utilize the simplest of prompts for the shortest of stories."  It might help those of you experiencing 'writer's cramp.'

We're calling it
The ABC Affair II, and the letter of the day should be the first letter of the city or town of choice in your piece.

Napoleon and Illya will be racking up some frequent flyer miles on this one...

Use abc affair II tag. Keep it gen and keep it short.

You can post your pieces here, or post on another hosting site such as AO3,, Dreamwidth and then post links to it here in Section VII, or yoo can post your piece in full here on Section VII.

It's up to you.
Tags: abc affair ii, challenge, gen, section vii
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