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S7 ARCHIVES.jpgThis Archives  post is all over the place, but apparently we don't generally have much to post on the first day of the month.  So, what I found is here, the posts from June 1 of three different years.

01:20 pm: jantojones In Plain Sight - Short Affair - June 1st - 9 comments
07:32 pm: mrua7 "Kobyashi Maru" ~ for the Short Affair - 8 comments

08:48 am: glennagirl On Duty - A Little Drabble Do Ya - 10 comments
10:35 am: ssclassof56 Who Knows - A Little Drabble Do Ya! - 12 comments
11:43 am: mrua7 "He is..." For a Little Drabble Do Ya! - 8 comments

08:54 pm: jantojones Untitled - A Little DrabbleDo Ya! - June 1st - 10 comments

And here were the posts for the Alphabet Affair on the first day the challenge opened.

10:38 am: glennagirl The ABC Affair Challenge - Day 1
01:00 pm: mrua7 "Alouette"- A- for The ABC Affair Challenge - 2 comments
03:35 pm: rose_of_pollux "A is for Athens" -- ABC Affair, Day #1 - 4 comments
09:10 pm: jantojones The ABC Affair Challenge - Day 1 A - June 7th - 4 comments
09:27 pm: glennagirl ABC Affair - A Is For Amaretto - 2 comments

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