glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

If You're Interested...

I recently utilized our banner design to make a mug on Since it's for personal use I felt like it was okay to do, although I was not certain they'd produce it if they caught on that it had stylized images of Vaughn and McCallum.  Zazzle usually refuses to print images for which they have no merchandising deals.  But again, it isn't out on the site for sale and no one is making a profit.  Well, they are but that apparently is OK.
But, mine is on its way, and I thought if anyone else wants one I'd post the link.  They're on sale today for $11.22 and look like this... If you'd like one you should be able to use this link: Section VII Mug
If the link doesn't work or show you the same mug as below, here's the image you can download and design your own. Click on it for a full size image.
bannerforsection7If you didn't know, the banner was designed by togsos

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