glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

We're Having A Really Good Day on Section VII

the round robin from UNCLE.jpgThe Round Robin has been AWESOME! Thanks to everyone who contributed by writing such terrific chapters to the story Bending the Rules, and to the readers who keep showing up to support this community.
You can find the completed story following the trail... I have no idea why the sizes are different.
Bending The Truth Chapter 1 mrua7
Bending The Truth Chapter 2 leethet
Chapter 3 glennagirl
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 pfrye
Chapter 6 sidhe_uaine42

Chapter 7 selyndaep
Chapter 8 ssclassof56
Chapter 9
Chapter 9: part 1
Chapter 9: part 2
Chapter 9: Conclusion

More celebrations are in order as we send off jantojones on a very important mission to Cardiff, Wales, UK.  She's going to be reporting back at the conclusion of this affair.
All in all, a very good day, so... Let's Celebrate!
Tags: alynwa, glennagirl, jantojones, leethet, mrua7, pfrye, round robin, selyndaep, sidhe_uaine42, ssclassof56
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