glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

Agents Needed in Wales...JantoJones to Mr. Waverly's Office

Who knew we needed someone in Cardiff, Wales? Apparently jantojones is on the trail of something, so we decided to open the expense account and send her there forthwith.  I'm confident that Mr. Waverly would approve, and we are looking at getting the funds together ASAP.  You can find the campaign HERE, and we're calling it Dawn's Day at Cardiff.
I believe this will be jantojones first field assignment, and so we're taking up a little extra for her to make certain she records everything and, when possible, reports back to us via UNCLE postcards disguised as ordinary tourist collectibles.  Mission Reports are a standard requirement, so we expect hers within a reasonable amount of time, in keeping with the Old Man's standards. Oh, I hope he doesn't see that ;)
There you go then.  As soon as the money is all satisfactorily set aside, we will send Ms. Pratt, aka jantojones, on her trip to Cardiff and hope for a satisfactory mission while there.
That will be all.
WHO knows who might show up there, eh?

This GoFundMe Campaign is in response to a post last week from jantojones.
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