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'Bending the Truth' -Chapter 9 part one.

Due to LJ's posting limits I'm forced to post the Round Robin conclusion in 3 parts.

As soon as the elevator doors opened, Kuryakin, shielded by the hearing aid, stepped out to a sea of UNCLE agents most of who were laying on the lobby floor snoring rather loudly.

Heading towards the exit was none other than Reuter and he was carrying a small black case tucked under his arm.

Illya though fast on his feet wouldn’t be able to catch up with the man before he escaped out the hotel door, and being out of sleep darts left him with only one choice.

It was to shoot him, and Illya did just that; aiming low, he hit Reuter in the right buttock. That way he was sure to be stopped, but at the same time the wound would not put  his life in serious peril.

As soon as he went down, Illya was able to get to him in time, and sitting on top of the moaning man, he pulled the black box from him

Reuter struggled but ceased as Illya put him in place with a warning.

“Move again and this time I will shoot you in the balls.”

Reuter’s face went white. He’d gone from a triumphant attitude to one of fear.

Being this close to the device, the hearing aid was losing its efficacy and Illya could feel it beginning to take hold of him even though the hearing aid was turned on high.

He had no choice but to open the black box and do what he hated to do and that was to smash the moonbeam, dog whistle...whatever it was, to pieces.

Illya's head began to swim and his eyes grew heavy and with the last bit of coherent thought in his head he slammed the device against the floor again and again until it broke into dozens of pieces.

Reuter took that moment to kick upwards, hitting Illya beneath the chin, violently snapping his head backwards The Russian landed hard, dazed by the blow as well as the residuals from the device.

The Thrushman struggled to his feet, his arm outstretched with a gun in his hand as staggering. There was a shot fired.

Reuter arched back and turned, looking at Angelique.

She was standing there in the open elevator, holding Mister Waverly’s gun in her hand as she leaned, trying to keep herself upright.

As Kuryakin smashed the device, the effects of it had dissipated just enough for her to grab Waverly’s Special and shoot Reuter.

Illya leapt to his feet, charging at her and grabbing her by the throat.

“Ty, chertovski suka!” He practically spat at her in Russian.“He was our only chance of stopping…”

He felt a hand on his shoulder, giving him a gentle squeeze.

“Enough Mister Kuryakin...Illya,” it was Waverly, flanked by George Dennell.

“Gee, that was a really weird feeling,” George said, his hand to the back of his head.” I feel like I could fall asleep right now.”

The Russian immediately released his death grip on Angelique’s throat. Waverly rarely addressed him by his first name, and somehow calmed him. He disliked Angelique but his hatred of her seemed magnified, no doubt the after effects of being exposed to the device. It seemed to influence everyone quite differently.

She coughed,” That’s the thanks I get for saving your life?”

“What do you mean?”

“Look at Reuter’s hand you ungrateful Soviet, he had his gun ready to shoot you.”

Illya turned, seeing what she said was true, and for a brief moment he blushed. “Then I owe you my thanks.”

“I didn’t do it for you, I did it for me. If Napoleon ever found out I let Reuter kill you, well I’d be a dead woman for certain.”

“A pleasant thought,” Illya mumbled to himself.

The other agents scattered around the lobby as well as the desk clerk and bellboys began to stir to life.

A second elevator door opened with Solo and Dancer appearing, though they were still feeling the after effects of Reuter’s gadget, they had recovered enough, though both of them were craving hot dogs.

“Shame you had to destroy it,” Napoleon nudged of few pieces of the device with the toe of his shoe.

“And a shame Reuter is dead too,” Waverly said, but that is neither here nor there. We still need to ascertain a way to free headquarters from the effects of the remaining device.

He looked to Angelique.

“I came back to help isn’t that enough darling? Don’t expect me to do anymore as I haven’t a clue how that thing works. My skills lie in other areas and not with technology.”

“I can attest to that,” Napoleon winked.

“Mister Solo, get your libido under control if you please?” Waverly snapped at him as he was still feeling the after effects of the device. ”Now to the matter at hand; how did Reuter keep his infernal machine from affecting himself?”

“I think I can answer that sir,” Illya, who had been hovering over the Thrushman’s body held up what looked like two small earbuds in the palm of his hand. “These look like like miniature hearing aids, though I suspect they are more than just that.”

“That makes sense,”Dennell said.” But our hearing aid could barely hold up against the effects.”

“Yes George I know,” Illya rubbed his temples with his fingers as he now had an excruciating headache, probably more so from Reuter’s kick.

He handed the earbuds to Dennell.“ Golly, I wonder how long these would have effective with his being that close to the device he was carrying?”

“Maybe just long enough for him to make his getaway,” Napoleon said. “Then he might have switched it off once he knew we hadn’t pursued him.”

George pulled a jeweler’s loupe from his pocket, examining the hearing aids, though there was little he could discern. “Gosh, I wish we had access to the labs. There’s no way we can take these apart without the right tools to see how they work.”

“The only thing I suggest you do,” Angelique finally jumped back into the conversation, though she was still massaging her throat from Illya’s vice like grip,” is for one of you to wear them and enter your headquarters.”

Everyone looked at her, then to Waverly.

“Excellent idea Mlle. Le Chien,” the Old Man gazed at his agents. “Why didn’t my people didn’t think of that.”

“A simple idea from a simple minded person,” Illya snorted derisively.

“Va te faire enculer,” it was Angelique’s turn to swear at him but she did so in French.

“All right kiddies, break it up,” Napoleon stopped it before another altercation began.

“Thank you Mister Solo,” Waverly said.” I was thinking of darting these two if they kept it up.”

Illya and Angelique’s heads slowly turned to face him, both surprised at his remark.

Waverly of course ignored their expressions.

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