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The Archives of Section VII are full of stories.  It's definitely worth looking through our past if you're in need of some good reading.  Today it's This Day in 2016 and 2013.  Two years ago it was A Little Drabble Do Ya, and the 2013 stories are Song Story entries, as well as a post from st_crispins
Enjoy reading from the Archives.

11:13 am:
glennagirl The Prey - A Little Drabble Do Ya - 10 comments
01:00 pm: mrua7 "My Brain Hurts" for A Little Drabble Do Ya! - 10 comments
08:02 pm: jantojones The Telephonist - A Little Drabble Do Ya! - May 25th - 14 comments

10:50 am: mrua7 "The great pretender, Mr. Lebowski"~ for the Song-Story challenge 5/23 - 4 comments
11:14 am: st_crispins MWC Report #2 - 1 comment
09:37 pm: alynwa Song Story: Pretend That I Am Okay - 8 comments

As a note to yesterdays post about TAGS, I've gone through and edited them and removed quite a few that were unnecessary or incorrect. Please use the drop down box when posting tags if you're in doubt.
Tags: #2, alynwa, archives, glennagirl, jantojones, mrua7
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