glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

What If? Posting Today, or Tomorrow...

All weekend or whenever you get it finished.
Seriously, we have a lot of writing going on.
You can find the original prompt for this HERE
mrua7 already posted her story,
a terrific crossover to all things future.
You can find it HERE


A note regarding tags.
Don't hyphenate.
The original tags were made without hyphens, but people have added them when posting and not using the original tags. I'm attempting to make corrections and figure out how to delete the tags that don't belong in the list. I'll take instructions from anyone who knows that trick. Please don't make your own tags, the list is way too long.  All of the challenges have tags and none of them should have a hyphen. The only exception to a descriptive tag is gen-mature.
I know this sounds trite, but when searching for a story, if you hyphenate it won't show up in tag searches.
Tags: mrua7, tags, what if
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