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Bending the Truth, Chapter 6

Mirrored glass shrapnel sprayed almost everywhere as the round shattered a rather large mirror, cutting into Napoleon and Angelique.

"Seven years bad luck, Reuter," Napolean quipped.

"You won't live to see if that's true, Solo."

"Tsk, tsk. And I was about to be magnanimous and sacrifice everything to save such a darling lady and give you some of my luck to counteract all of that." Dark eyes scanned the debris, hiding the pain caused by the shards that embedded in unprotected flesh.

"If I can destroy the great Napoleon Solo, a little bad luck is nothing."

"You have me now. Why don't you give the code to counteract whatever you implanted into the phone that was returned to UNCLE? Fair trade?"

"No. It would be better if UNCLE was destroyed as well. It would be much better if I ruled everyone and everything."

Napolean disregarded the blood seeping from his wounds, searching for ways to buy a little time and get close enough to implant the tracking device. "Have you ever lived with a cat? They don't abide by any rules. The same goes with fish. Human laws mean nothing to them. Oh, and there are some people who won't follow your rule, either, even in THRUSH."

Reuter's left eye twitched immediately before he lunged at his captive, knocking them both into the glass shards.
I apologize for the delay (I'm writing this on my tablet) plus the fact that it's unbeta'ed. The video at the beginning is to show the physics when an object hits a mirror in slow motion.
Tags: round robin, sidhe_uaine42
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