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Round Robin: Bending the Truth, Chapter 4

Chapter 1 by mrua7
Chapter 2 by leethet
Chapter 3 by glennagirl

Chapter 4

“We have great – looking cars and helicopters, so why is this tub such a bucket of bolts?” Napoleon complained as he expertly maneuvered the thirty – five foot long motorboat to the middle of the East River.  The “tub” on which he and Illya now stood was in need of a paint job on its blue and white hull and old used tires tied to ropes played the role of dock bumpers.

“Stop complaining. The appearance of our vessel helps us blend in with the rest of the river traffic,” Illya said, but without the feelings of disdain and superiority he had felt about anything his partner said while he was still under the influence of…the moon beam. I do not know what else to call it at the moment.  Aloud he opined, “I think we should proceed to the Mainland; it might not be in our best interest to be on an island when we cannot count on backup.”

“I agree.”  He checked to make sure they had a full tank of gas and began heading north.  “We’ll sail as far as New Haven and then catch a bus into Hartford.  There’s a small field office there.”  At the grim look on the Russian’s face he added, “I’ll hug the coast while we’re in the Long Island Sound.  It’ll be okay, I promise.  I have the perfect thing to take your mind off it: We need to sound the alarm about this weapon and get the word out that UNCLE needs to locate and detain Angelique ASAP.”

Illya pulled his communicator from his pocket, made a few adjustments and then opened a channel.  “This is Illya Kuryakin.  Open Channel D UNCLE Europe.  Level One Emergency!”

The voice of Carlo Farenti came through the device.  “Agent Kuryakin, if this is a Level One, why are you reaching out to me and not Mr. Waverly?”

As succinctly as possible, Illya explained what had transpired in the last twenty – four hours.  “Agent Solo and I are heading to the Hartford field office and will be based there for the foreseeable future.  We will be coordinating with any North American Section IIs and IIIs we can contact if you will inform your Section IV staff to route our calls.”

“Absolutely.  In the meantime, I will inform the Number Ones of Asia, Africa and South America of the situation in North America and the BOLO on THRUSH Agent Angelique DeChien.  Good luck, gentlemen.”

The Russian kept his eyes firmly on the horizon and began contacting as many agents as he could to apprise them of what was happening and to make their way to Hartford if they were currently unassigned.  He was interrupted by Napoleon who had been silently sailing them past Rikers Island as they motored on into the Sound.

“Oh crap!  Mark and April flew back to New York today!”  He checked his watch.  “Call them, Illya, they should be arriving at HQ any minute!”

Chyort!”  He signaled April first and sighed in relief when she answered promptly.

“Hi, Illya!  I was heading to your office in a few minutes to see if you were free for drinks later.”

Both men’s eyes widened in shock.  “Where are you and Mark right now?” Illya demanded in a tone that let the junior agent know he was in no mood for romance or games.

“I’m at the corner deli picking up those pastries we both like.  I told Mark I’d catch up with him, so just go ahead.  He should be inside by now.”

“April, listen to me carefully.  Under no circumstances are you to enter HQ.  There is some type of weapon in play that causes its victims to fall asleep and when they awaken, they forget all about their job responsibilities.”

“But Mark is in there!  I have to get him out of there!  He needs me!”

It hurt both men to hear the desperation in her voice, but Illya remained adamant.  “Agent Dancer, I order you as Second – in – Command of Section II not to enter HQ.  If you can reach your partner via communicator, try to get him to exit the building, but do not go down the stairs to Del Floria’s.  Stay on the sidewalk.  The calls are being routed through UNCLE Europe, so it will take a few seconds longer to connect.  If he has not responded to you or agreed to exit after thirty minutes, you are to leave and make your way to the Hartford Field Office.  Do I make myself clear or would you rather hear it from CEA Solo?”

“You are crystal clear, Agent Kuryakin.  Is there anything else?” came the icy reply.

“No.  Kuryakin out.”  He ended the transmission and looked at his partner.  “When this is all over, I am going to pay for that dearly.”

Napoleon nodded in sympathy.  “It had to be done.  If you were inside and I wasn’t, it would tear me apart.  Only a direct order would keep me from trying to save you.”  He looked at his partner and saw the same truth reflected in his eyes.  “She won’t admit it, but she knows you’re right.”

“I cannot think about that now.  There are still more agents to contact.”  Both men went back to their respective tasks at hand.

April was beside herself as she hurried, pastries forgotten, down the street to Del Floria’s.  Heeding Illya’s warning, she didn’t go downstairs.  The sign on the door was flipped to the “Closed” side despite it being mid – afternoon.  She could see no sign of Agent Del Floria or anyone else.  She walked to the phone booth at the corner, entered it and closed the door.  She placed the handset on her shoulder to imitate talking on the phone and then pulled out and assembled her communicator.  “Open Channel S24.  Mark? Mark, can you hear me?  Answer me!”

It felt like hours, but the reality was that ten minutes passed before her repeated calls were answered.  “’Ello, Ducks!  I was just taking a quick nap.  Where are you?  I’m craving one of those sweets you stopped to buy.  Come quick, I’ll buy us some coffee or would you prefer a proper cup of tea?”

“Mark, listen to me.  Something’s going on and I need you to meet me down the street by the phone booth.  I need you to come, now.”

“Oh Luv, you come here.  I’m tired and I’m hungry.  I really want one of those crullers.  Please, bring me one?  Pretty please?  With sugar on top?”

April affected her “I’m not fooling around” voice and said, “No.  Meet me at the phone booth now.

“April, my gorgeous partner.  I’m so in need of a nap right now, I’ll just have to tell my stomach to be quiet.  I can ‘ardly keep me eyes open.”  The sound of Mark yawning loudly came through her communicator.  “I’ll talk to you later,” he said before ending the transmission.

April stared at her device in disbelief.  She thought about calling him back, but knew in her heart that if he answered, the conversation would be the same and end the same.  She put her communicator away, hung up the phone and stepped outside and to the curb.  She hailed a cab and when she got in said, “Take me to Port Authority and make it quick.”  As the cab made its way across town she thought, I never thought I would leave Mark to fend for himself.  I hope Napoleon and Illya have a plan in place to combat this threat.
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