glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

Thursday and I'm thinking...


This idea struck me yesterday and I can't shake it, so I thought we'd maybe explore it as a What If? challenge.

What If...
UNCLE is a space age (as in Science Fiction), law enforcement entity that protects EARTH from invading aliens? What if Solo and Kuryakin are all geeked up SciFi heroes and THRUSH isn't earthbound?

This could be fun, right.  Time frame is to post in two weeks, as GEN as you can make it considering we're dealing with aliens.  Just keep it clean ;) Minimum 500 words.
Imagine all of those THRUSH agents being nasty aliens, it's a natural evolution of the bad guy genre.
I hope we'll have some stories, this just seems too much fun to ignore.
Tags: what if
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