alynwa (alynwa) wrote in section7mfu,

The May Song Story Challenge Artist: Garth Brooks!

The prompts for the May Song Story Challenge are "The River" and "The Red Strokes."  Clicking on the links will take you to the lyrics or enjoy the videos below.  The rules for the challenge are simple: Write a minimally 500 word story based on one of the choices.  If you're feeling truly inspired, write two!  Posting will begin on Thursday, May 17th and run through Saturday, May 19th.   If you miss the deadline, not to worry; post when you can and indicate what month's challenge your story represents.  In any event, please use the tag "song story" and remember that Section VII is a gen and gen-mature site only.  You are more than welcome to write het and/or slash stories in response to the prompts, but please post them on mfu_maproom and uncle_du_jour, respectively.

Happy writing!

Tags: song story
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