mrua7 (mrua7) wrote in section7mfu,

It's that time again! Writer's and Reader's Choice!

The week just flew by didn't it. Time flies when you're having fun with Napoleon and Illya!

Now's your chance to links here to your fave MFU fics here, either ones you've written yourself, or stories by your favorite authors! File 40 archived on the 'Wayback Machine' seems to be a good source for some stories that have been forgotten.

Stiil there's so much out there that often gets overlooked, so time to dig up some your faves from way back when and revive them here and let them see the light of day again, or rec a more recently written story. It's up to you!

(remember we are a gen site, so
gen or gen-mature recs only please)

Tags: gen, section vii, writers and readers choice
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