glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

Rhythmic Delights - A Little Drabble Do Ya

"I'm late Illya, hurry it up!"

"Why are you telling me to hurry up if it's you who is late?"

"I don't have time to debate, just step on it."

Illya grudgingly obliged, accelerating past cars while Napoleon checked his reflection in the visor's mirror.

"You must be kidding."

Napoleon paused.

"Illya, this woman is very important to me.  She taught me… well, I'm just grateful to have been her student."

"Of what, may I ask?" Illya surmised it had something to do with romance.

''When I was twelve…''

"Oh dear…"

"When I was twelve, she taught me to dance."

Tags: glennagirl, little drabble do ya
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