mrua7 (mrua7) wrote in section7mfu,

"Oops!" for A Little Drabble Do Ya!

"Look out!" Napoleon shouted, but it was too late.

A wheelbarrow full of red bricks came tumbling down on top of Illya, dumped by a fugitive atop a scaffolding.

Solo raised his gun, darting the man and sending him hurtling down to the ground.

Napoleon made a dash for his partner, scrambling to uncover him. Finally a pale face appeared.

"Illya! Wake up buddy, come on!"

Kuryakin's eyes fluttered open, blinking a few times.

"Napoleon?" His voice was hoarse.

"I'm here. What hurts...can you move?"

"I could if you would get your knee off my chest."

"Oops, sorry."

Tags: a little drabble do ya, gen, mrua7
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