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"Bending the truth" for the PicFic Tuesday Challenge

Prompt 2:

Solo and Kuryakin spent the day wandering the narrow cobblestoned streets; the colorfully painted streets. The homes and their clay tiled roofs were appeard so tranquil and inviting. Hanging from their shallow wrought iron balconies were baskets of cascading flowers, their heady scents filling the afternoon air. The best part of it all was the fact that no one was chasing them, no shadow following their every step; it was nice for a change.

The partners had successfully completed their assignment but now there was a delay as their flight back to New York had been cancelled. The next available flight wasn't for another twenty-four hours and that gave them time to relax on UNCLE's dime, so to speak.

After returning to their hotel Illya announced that he was tired and wanted to go to bed early.

"Really? Come on, there's gorgeous women out there ready and willing for us to make love to them on a beautiful night such as this." Napoleon pointed to the cityscape and the twinkling stars in the moonlit sky. In truth it was indeed a spectacular evening in the town of Seville, Spain.

During the day of simply enjoying the scenery they'd made stops at  local café for lunch, a cozy restaurant for dinner, and a small out of the way bar for drinks. In each and every place the people were friendly and the women stunningly beautiful.

"I suppose you have already found your companion for the evening. Please do not let me keep you," Illya yawned.

"Remember that pretty señorita we met at the café today?"

"Which one? There were many as I recall."

"The one with the off the shoulder red blouse and the killer lips."

"How could I forget her, or more aptly your reaction to her as your tongue was practically dangling out of your mouth to the ground. I was half expecting your eyes to bug out like one of those Looney Tune characters on the television."

That remark cracked Napoleon up.

"Well that little chiqueta is hot for me. Illya Illya, she has a sister." He practically crooned.

"Of course she is hot for you, are they not always? Now for the last time Napoleon I am not interested," Kuryakin guided his partner to the door, opened it and nudged him out.

"Good night." Illya said before slamming it closed.

Solo remained there for a moment, shaking his head until he shrugged his shoulders.

"Your loss."

Illya smiled, hearing that as he remained on the other side of his door. Thanking his lucky stars that for once he had his own room, he readied himself for bed. He planned to order room service for a nice cup of tea while laying in bed and reading the local newpaper. Being fluent in Spanish, it was good for him to still read written mateiral in that language just to brush up his skills. Reading menus today was not going to cut it for that.

He was so happy to have a bed of his own, and prvacy for once. While on assignments Napoleon returned to their often shared hotel accommodations, Illya would be locked out and on his own while his partner danced the horizontal mambo with his paramour into the wee hours of the morning.

Illya would often nap in the lobby, go drink in the hotel bar, or even disappear to an all night diner.

He tired of it, but still Napoleon was the senior agent. Having to put up with his sexcapades wasn't part of the job description, but still Kuryakin went along with it. He wasn't sure why he did it but he did...though he did complain enough about it to his partner. Sometimes he felt his words fell on deaf ears. When Solo's libido kicked in, there was no stopping his urges. Kuryakin was convinced it would eventually be the death of his partner. He'd hook up with the wrong woman someday and that would be it, the end of Napoleon Solo.

Of course the American's usual quip was, "What a way to go."


Napoleon was practically salivating with anticipation over meeting his soon to be Latina lover as he returned to his room. It was time for a quick shower, a quick change and head out to meet Valentina Fernández-Delgado.

Napoleon stripped off his clothes in the luxurious bathroom and lastly he hung up his shoulder holster and weapon on a rather impressive looking towel rack that resembled a tree. He stopped himself, having second thoughts, and smiled as he took his gun with him into the large walk-in shower. After he placed it on a ledge there, and turned on the hot water, he just stood there and let it cascade down his body, luxuriating in its warmth before he reached for the soap.

Just as he lathered himself up, the phone rang.

"Aw come on!" Wait, who the hell could be calling him?

Grabbing a towel and wiping off the suds, he wrapped it around his waist as he went to the bedroom to answer the call.

He reasoned that it couldn't be Illya, or Waverly for that matter as they'd use the communicator. Then again maybe it was Illya and he'd changed his mind?

He grabbed the receiver after climbing across the bed to get to it.

"Change of heart?"

"Well hello there."

It wasn't Illya and his heart skipped a beat as he instantly recognized the voice.


"Of course darling. I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop by."

That gave him pause before he asked his next question. "And how exactly did you know...nevermind.  You're a spy and you have your ways, right?"

"Of course. Now are you going to invite me to your room or not? At least we won't have that annoying partner of yours to disturb us; I know he has his own room this time," she practically purred to him. "And if you must know, as I'm sure your curiosity has now been piqued; I found out you were here because a little birdie told me, dear Valentina. She's one of my contacts here in Seville and let me know she saw you."

"So I'm guessing my date with her was just a ruse."

"Of course dearest. That was my way of getting you to to primp and clean yourself up for your surprise visit from me," the woman laughed.

"Well I don't know if I like being manipulated in such a way. Hold on for a second." There was a knock at his door and putting down the receiver he headed to the door and took a look through the peephole.

Angelique was standing there wrapped in some sort of light colored fur coat. Mink maybe? She did like her furs.

Solo opened the door. "And just where did you call me from and get here so quickly? Don't tell me, you have the room next door."

"No, I called you on this." She held up a beige boxy looking thing, it was nearly the size of a quart of milk.

"It's a portable telephone. A new THRUSH development and it can be yours."

Solo closed the door after she walked in. He knew that Angelique just didn't give something away without expecting something in return.

"And what do I have to give you for your generosity?"

"Oh a mere night of pleasuring me, darling."

She reached down, pulling away his towel and tossed it aside.

"My, happy to see me already?" She smiled as a hungry look of desire filled her eyes.

Napoleon reached out, taking hold of her fur coat and helped her step from it; she was completely naked underneath it.


The next morning Solo knocked on his partner's door and was immediately let inside.

Illya was just finishing packing up his travel case.

"So how was the date last night? As exciting as you anticipated?"

"Oh it sort of went in an unexpected direction, but it was definitely an eye opening evening."

"Really?" Illya suddenly became suspicious.

"Yes and I made a rather interesting discovery. This..."He handed the portable telephone to his partner.

"Napoleon how did you get this? It is an UNCLE prototype." Illya's face was filled with surprise.

"Oh, our prototype? Well ummmmmm. A little bird gave it to me."

Illya cocked an eyebrow. "Your hot latina was THRUSH?"

"No, well yes. Maybe. Long story."

"Good, you can tell me on the flight to New York. I hope you are packed and ready to go; if we miss this flight Mr. Waverly will have our hides."

"Yes I'm packed, sort of that is."

"Tsk. Will you please go get it done? I would like to have time to get breakfast before we leave for the airport."

Napoleon screwed up his face. At least he'd have some time to come up with a good yarn before they boarded the plane. He didn't want to mention Angelique because he'd have to spend a transatlantic flight with a partner who'd be in a grouchy mood upon hearing that woman's name.

Granted he'd have to tell the truth to Waverly when they returned, but in the meantime the less Illya knew the better.

Still he wondered why that little minx gave him back a piece of stolen UNCLE equipment. He decided to check it for bugs and disappeared back to his room to do that, as well as pack.

"It'll be fine Illya, just give me a couple of minutes. I'll pay for breakfast if you like." He hoped that would distract his partner's insatiable curiosity.

"Not in the hotel. I want a nice Spanish breakfast at one of the cafés."

"Deal." Napoleon slammed the door as he left in a rush.

Kuryakin was now definitely suspicious. He wasn't telling him everything. Illya decided he would interrogate his partner on the flight back to New York.

He would be able to get the truth out of Napoleon, he always could as he was very good at tormenting his partner.

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