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How often do you get yourself into a situation when writing that leaves you little room to solve a problem that you have created?  Suddenly, magically, the hoped for idea presents itself and the end is hastily constructed around it.
You may have just written yourself a Deux Ex Machina, a surprising twist that comes out of nowhere and becomes a resolution that could not otherwise have happened.  The link takes you to a Wikipedia article on the topic.
I have certainly come up with a few of these, I just didn't know that was what I had done.  On many fronts, I am regrettably ignorant.  But ignorance doesn't keep us from doing things, it actually propels us into it since we have no idea that we are committing literary faux pas.
I have always disliked reading Agatha Christie, and I believe it is because she seems to embrace this form of creating a conclusion out of very sketchy clues.  Her villains always seemed to me to be beyond identification except for her brilliant sleuths, and that takes some of the fun out of reading a mystery.  I'd like to think I can see at least a few shards of light concerning the outcome.
This Deus Ex Machina refered initially to literally having a god show up at the last minute, in a Greek play, by way of a contraption that allowed the actor to swoop into the scene.  In our case it might be Illya or Napoleon, or some other agent or benefactor who suddenly appears without adequate explanation.  We have relief from the troubling situation, but it comes at the expense of details and articulation.
I'm guilty, I know it.  I've done that and been glad to have an ending.
So now I'm wondering... you may or may not be following my train of thought here...
Is there a challenge possibility that would allow us to explore this literary trickery and construct, purposely, a story that has this element as part of the resolution of said story?
Let me know what you think.
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