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"Rock and Roll" ~ for A Little Drabble Do Ya!"

A double drabble...My muse has been liking a lot of words lately so doing this was tough. Got it down to 200 words, forget a regular drabble as she just won't let me go there. lol!

Kuryakin was behind the wheel of their motorpool car and he was driving at a good clip with the radio blasting, singing along with the song that was playing. It was a sunny day he was in an unusually good mood.

“I can't wait forever, Even though you want me to, I can't wait forever even though you want me to... Time won't let me, ohh…”

Solo, in the passenger seat tried changing the station, but Illya slapped his hand.

“Stop! I am enjoying this song.”

“I’m not. I like Mantovani or Bacharach.”


“Well I prefer easy listening to rock and roll.”

“I am driving, I control the radio.”

“Since when?”

“New rule.

“Hmmh!” Napoleon gave him the cold shoulder for the rest of the journey, ruining Illya's mood.

On the return trip, Napoleon drove and reached to tune the radio to ‘his’ station.

Kuryakin again slapped his hand. “New, new rule. Passenger controls radio. Now keep your eyes on the road before you get us lost.”

Tags: a little drabble do ya, gen, mrua7
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