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What we had was ...

Pretty awesome.  I was looking for a photo for a post and ended up at the NYTimes obit article on Robert Vaughn's passing.  In reading some comments on the article I found this one.  I have to wonder if she's among those who read and/or write fan fiction for MFU.  Here's what Rosa had to say:


ca November 15, 2016

To a young woman, at the time those two men, Vaughn and McCallum, were the epitome of class, sex and intelligence.
They weren't the men of my father's generation: Clark Gable, Gregory Peck, etc.
The role they played was active, brainy, quick. They weren't 'seducers' of the ladies, they had no time for that, but they met their ladies as equals and we suspected had a far, far better time.
And they were elegant.
No baseball caps and t-shirts for them.
Their shirts had collars, their hair wasn't hidden. No buzz-cut for them.
I look at the ads that flash by on my tv today and these two aren't there.
Their bodies aren't soft from pizza and soda.
They have no squeaky high voices (what is it with that?) or thick lenses.
Vaughn and McCallum made men look good!
They weren't slobs, slobs that somehow (I'm supposed to believe) have magnificent women drooling over them.
Oh, I feel sad for today's young woman.
So few young men have that spark, and Hollywood and tv no longer find any value in it anyways. Men and boys are presented as little boys: bumblers that drool over women, mostly just their body parts - they could care less about her brain; you suspect they are not too clean, their hair is greasy; and they are just not that terribly bright.
Men should rise up and demand that Hollywood and tv write better roles for them!
Stop making them look stupid and fat!
Down with baseball caps and t-shits!
Up with elegance and brains!
Claim your man-way!
Don't be used!

Tags: david mccallum, mfu, robert vaughn
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