glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

Here's the deal...

This community is for people to enjoy, free of spinning or marketing, devoid of unpleasantness and vulgar language.  We've turned away several requests for membership lately after checking their journal pages and seeing a pattern of links to other sites, money making ventures.   That is why we moderate membership.
Recently we dropped the prerequisite of membership for posting privileges.  I just reinstated it, because sadly people will take advantage of a place like Section VII in an effort to reach a large group of people with their message.  We won't tolerate that here.
Yeah, I own it and I declare that this community is not a place for trying to round up business by posting links to a money scheme, and should you get in a comment it will be deleted and the poster banned.
Another thing, we will not tolerate language that is inappropriate or unpleasant.  Even if it is the way you talk to your crowd, it isn't welcome here.  If for some reason you are incapable of writing a sentence without an expletive or vulgarity then ask someone else for an intervention.  The site it Gen, the language is civil.
I just deleted an offensive comment, banned the individual and deleted everything he/she might have posted on Section VII at any given time.  We've only had to do that one other time, but I'll do it every single time any individual messes with this community, the people in it or my own personal space.  This is what prompted me to reset the requirement for membership in order to post or comment.
I'm pretty sure the majority or people who visit here are fine with what I'm saying.
As always, thanks to those who make this a great place for writing and reading and... getting along peacefully.
Tags: editorial
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