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What's happening and what's not on Section VII

An overview for those new to the community:

Section VII is a predominately a writing site, that's pretty much all we do here, and are loving every minute of it.  We're not just all about writing challenges, as the site is for open posting as well. If you have written a gen or gen-mature MFU story, you're welcome to post it here anytime!

Here's a list of our writing challenges if you feel like 'jumping into the pool' for some fun and games with Napoleon and Illya so to speak, by all means, please join us.

Or again, just post one of your own stories instead.

                               Come Join 3-2

We now have a quite number of challenges to choose from here on Section VII!:

1. The Short Affair Challenge (due every Monday) hosted by JantoJones

2. PicFic Tuesday Challenge (due twice monthly on Tuesdays) hosted my mrua7

Alternating with PicFic is a fabulous challenged called The Once Upon a Time Affair” hosted by JantoJones

3. A little Drabble Do Ya (due on Wednesdays)  hosted by glennagirl

4. Song Story, hosted monthly by alynwa.

5. Ladies First (about the women of UNCLE) hosted by mrua7 -on hiatus

6. All about April hosted by mrua7-on hiatus

7. What's my Line? Hosted monthly by glennagirl

8. What-if? Hosted by glennagirl- on hiatus

9. The Life Cycle, HODOWE, QUOTEME! Challeges hosted by Carabele - on hiatus

10. The Great Episode Challenge-hosted by ssclassof56-on hiatus

11. The Re-Write Challenge hosted by??? This new challenge is not available at the moment.

The challenges are not open at all times, some are on hiatus waiting to be brought back to life. Though you can go back through the archives for the prompts and post a story at anytime for previous challenges. Never too late to catch up!

Periodically we'll surprise you with an
impromptu challenge...

Not to worry...they're all kept track of on our Calendar posted at the beginning of each month by our very organized Calendar Girl Hilda (with a little help from glennagirl)

So lots to choose from if you have a hankering to write some fanfiction about our brave Men from U.N.C.L.E. and their adventures to save the world (among other things....)  Pick a challenge or two or choose them all if you're feeling ambitious. Most of all, have fun with them!

Other events on Section VII:

Fridays: glennagirl, the maintainer and mother of Section VII, posts the Reading Room which is her personal reading recommendations.- on hiatus

From the Archives of Section VII: a look back at stories posted in the past, hosted by glennagirl

On Saturdays there’s the Writer’s and Reader's Choice! hosted by mrua7. This is an opportunity for writers to rec. their own stories and readers to rec. stories by their favorite authors.

Sunday: we have the Round Table discussion hosted by glennagirl-on hiatus

We also offer polls, round robins, as well as holiday related events for Easter, Halloween and Christmas.( We even have the traditional Yule log to mesmerize you as you stare into the crackling flames while you dream of UNCLE agents dancing in your head)

Here's the logos for most of our events on Section VII:

2.2      OUATA banner 1.2.png


no title           unnamed


     GEC Icon

And non-challenge happenings on Section VII:


All kept in order by Hilda the shapely calendar girl (and glennagirl)

Any questions, just pm glennagirl, mrua7 or JantoJones and we'll be glad to answer them!

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