thehappygirl53 (thehappygirl53) wrote in section7mfu,


Discovered in the archaeological dig that is our attic:
One American Eagle pin with "Be Prepared" inscribed on the back. It went on my Girl Scout uniform.
One turtle coin purse
One Speidel watch band in package--price $7.95 which seems kind of high for the 60s, no?
One mustard seed charm
One hippie hair pin with Indian decoration
One John F. Kennedy Elementary School pin from 1967.
One WWII dog tag with my dad's name on it. (I used to wear it on a chain in high school)
One set of plastic beads--no idea why I would have saved them--they're flimsy.
Two tiny pictures of David McCallum, one of them looks like it was cut out of the TV Guide and the other may have been cut out of one of the MFU trading cards.
One Republican elephant pin (NO freaking idea why that was there--really)
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