glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

In The Meantime...

I get the feeling several of us are having to get through the Real Life stuff before we can settle down and be proper fans of the Men from UNCLE.  I have stories to read and write, but my activity level has been ramped up a bit of late and I've fallen behind yet again.
I did have time to sit and ogle this photo, however.  I know it is a favorite of mine, wondering if others might enjoy it as well.  Okay, I'm laughing out loud because I know there is drool on multiple keyboards.
I'm thinking of a new feature that might help all of us to properly channel the characters and aid us in our writing, perhaps jiggle our muse into action.  If photos can help, then let's post photos.
Use this tag: fave photos.
Feel free to post your own faves, I'll go first. Do you have a story idea yet?

How's this for a cheery Good Morning? Or Good Evening for those across the Atlantic. This is only one half of a very fine photo of both guys...

Oh, all right... a couple more...

Tags: glennagirl, illya, napoleon
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