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"The Beast" for the PicFic Tuesday Challenge- prompt 2

Napoleon was sitting on a bench at the Asbury Park boardwalk enjoying a beautiful sunny day, it was at least seventy degrees and that was a welcome respite.

Up until now spring had been pretty cold, with it having snowed only a few days ago. Today’s weather was a relief and it prompted Solo to sail his yacht, the Pursang,* down from the Hamptons where it was berthed to the Jersey shore. The boardwalk, amusements, and food vendors were always a lure to this area once the weather warmed, and he always enjoyed the pork roll sandwiches, something that popular and seemingly only available in New Jersey like those black and white pastries.

He’d convinced Illya to come with him despite the waters still being a bit rough, and the water temperatures being a bit above forty degrees...not exactly swimming weather.

Still there were surfers out in the water braving the waves while wearing wet suits. Surfing had finally made its way to the east coast from California. Though the waves weren’t as good here, that didn’t keep the kids from trying it.

Napoleon looked around for his partner, wondering where he’d gotten to? Illya mentioned going to find some ginger ale from one of the food vendors, as it might help settle his churned up stomach.

There was no sign of him, though he hadn’t been gone long so no need for Napoleon to send up a mental alarm.

He heard a fluttering sound beside him and turned to see what sort of bird it was, probably a pigeon as all the seagulls and terns were hovering over the beach to see what they could find, or steal.

As Napoleon turned his head he saw something that make him dart from the bench; startled, he fell backwards on his rear. Scuttling away like a crab, the thing hopped down from the back of the bench to the seat and then down to the boardwalk.

It was hideous, a pigeon’s body with the head of a shark with a bloody tooth-filled mouth and it was heading stiff-legged towards him.

Solo got to his feet and was just about to draw his gun hidden in a holster behind his back beneath his polo shirt.

“Stop Napoleon!” Illya shouted as he stepped into view.

“What the hell is that?” Solo demanded.

“Oh it is just something I was playing around with in Research and Development. They are venturing into robotics.  It is actually a robotic pigeon, but I attached a rubber shark head from a novelty I found while I was looking for the ginger ale.”

“What the hell possessed you to do that Illya? You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry, I thought it was funny.”

Napoleon brushed his hands together to clean them off after dusting off the seat of his pants.

“We need to work on your sense of humor tovarisch. It's not April Fools you know..." It suddenly dawned on Napoleon that he and his partner had neglected that holiday all together this year.

Illya merely grinned as he picked up his ghastly creation and tucked it safely into a paper sack. "Got you."

"Yeah you did," Napoleon finally chuckled.

*coined by St. Crispins
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