Crystal Rose of Pollux (rose_of_pollux) wrote in section7mfu,
Crystal Rose of Pollux

"Of Pests and Guests" (Short Affair Challenge 4/9)

Short Affair 4/9
Prompt: Rude
Color: Silver

Title: Of Pests and Guests
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~740

Summary: In which Napoleon’s parents throw a party, but trouble arises when one of the guests takes issue with Illya.

Available at AO3 or my DreamWidth.

(Notes: that pic is Nina Foch again representing Cora Solo, as I headcannoned "Ducky's" mother as really Napoleon's mother, since Illya and Ducky are one and the same in my timeline)
Tags: gen, illya, napoleon, rose_of_pollux, short_affair
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