glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

Just Checking In...

Every once in a while I think that everything is under control.
Cue Laughter!
Last week was a doozy, between getting the car (I'm currently borrowing), stuck in the mud, the dramatic un-sticking thanks to a trio of very nice men (two of whom are volunteer firemen), and finally five days of working, visiting, eating and catching up on things that were time sensitive.
Today I am free of all of that, indulging in a lazy day at home.  Precious is joining me, asleep here between the keyboard and the monitor.
Challenges and stories keep things alive here, so please do join in with your contribution to our venerable fandom.
st_crispins is asking questions about the MFU Fandom that you can investigate in the mfu_canteen
PicFic has a new prompt and Short Story was yesterday but, if you're like me, a late entry will be better than none at all.
I'll put up a new calendar for April this week, but as a reminder we do have more challenges coming up.  Be looking for prompts for Song Story and What's My Line?, both of them worthy and fun challenges.  You can always check the tags (right side column), on our Home Page for the various challenges.
Let's have some MFU Love this week!
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