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The Once Upon a Time Affair PROMPT

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There were no responses to the last prompt, which I can't say much about because I haven't written anything either. I have half an idea on the go, but I haven't been able to bring it to fruition yet. To that end, I'm going to roll over the prompt and offer it again.

The prompt, theme, and rules for this posting period can all be found below the cut. Don’t forget, everyone’s stories must begin with the prompt. You can post your stories at any time between now and the 7th of April.

Prompts are posted on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have fun.

The Prompt –

Almost twenty-four hours had passed since the Thrush plane had crashed, deep in the jungle, and of the four people aboard only two had survived. The pilots were both killed on impact, leaving Thrush agent {your choice}, and captured U.N.C.L.E. agent {your choice}.

The Theme –

Your theme this time is - There is no specific theme this time around.

Last Date for Posting –

7th April 2018

If you post your story in the Map Room, or on another site, please ensure that you include a link to it.

Challenge Rules

-Your story must begin with the exact prompt sentence /paragraph.
Occasionally, there will be customisable parts within the prompt. These will be written in red.

For example –

{Your Choice} means you can decide which character to place there. (It may not necessarily be any of the main characters.)

{His/her} can be changed to reflect the gender of your chosen character.

{Name of Place} means you can chose where your story is set.

-The story must be rooted in the Man from U.N.C.L.E. universe and reflect the time in which it is set.

-Stories can be posted on any day from the prompt day to the last day of posting (inclusive).

-Word Count – Minimum 500, with no maximum.

-All stories should be headed with, Your title - ‘The Once Upon a Time Affair’ - the date.

-Tags - please use once upon a time, gen, or gen-mature.

-Section VII is a Gen community, so stories should be appropriate, i.e. nothing explicit or overly-graphic. However, there is the Gen-Mature tag for anything containing violence, torture or mild Het. The Map Room should be used for Het stories, but again, nothing overly graphic.

-Also, as a courtesy to others, please use the LJ Cut, so as not to take up too much room on someone’s feed.
Tags: challenge, once upon a time
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