jantojones (jantojones) wrote in section7mfu,

Dance Class - A Little Drabble Do ya! - March 21st

Returning from a month long assignment, Napoleon was surprised to find out what his partner had been doing during his absence.

“Is it true you’re teaching a dance class?” he asked, when he finally saw him.

“Yes,” Illya replied. “It has been noticed that I am very flexible, as well as fit, and I was asked what my secret was. I explained that I practiced the dancing of my homeland whenever I am able. A few people expressed an interest in joining my training sessions.”

“I may come along,” Solo commented.

“Good idea,” Kuryakin replied, surreptitiously glancing at Napoleon’s abdomen.


(Some people will have seen this video on my journal, but I am absolutely fascinated by it.)

Tags: a little drabble do ya, gen, jantojones
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