jantojones (jantojones) wrote in section7mfu,

Migraine - A Little Drabble Do Ya! - March 14th

The lights were subdued in the office Napoleon shared with his partner. The Russian in question was laid on the office’s small sofa, wearing fully dark sunglasses. There was an ice pack resting on his forehead and he was rubbing his temples.

“Migraine?” Solo asked.

“Hmm mm.”

“Do you want me to take the secretaries’ security refresher?”


As soon as Napoleon left, Illya sat up and smiled. He didn’t have anything against the secretaries, apart from the way they giggled around him, he simply had other plans. The door opened, and Roberta from accounts entered.

“Ready for lunch, Illya?”

Tags: a little drabble do ya, drabbles, gen, jantojones
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