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What's My Line? It's Baaaaack...

We haven't done this challenge in quite some time, and newer members won't have written for it at all. Here's how it works:
no title
The prompt is a single line, a thought or sometimes a famous quote or saying.  Working it into the story is your task as you use it for inspiration.  We previously had a seasonal challenge called QuoteMe, calling for a story built around a famous quote.  In this newer edition of What's My Line?, I am grafting that challenge into this one so that we have the benefit of both ideas in the one event.
If you need some examples of stories written previously you can find them by perusing the tags for what's my line and quoteme
Stories are Gen in nature, minimum 500 words with no limits.  If you are seriously compelled to write a story that resembles Het you can post it in mfu_map_room
The posting date for this is March 22.
Okay, here is our first prompt of the year for What's My Line?, so have some fun with it.  I hope it gets us off to a galloping start.  Okay, I had to say that ;)

From William Shakespeare – A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!
Tags: quoteme, whats my line
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