mrua7 (mrua7) wrote in section7mfu,

The Once Upon a Time Affair Challenge; " A different sort of hero"

The Prompt –

{Your Choice} held his breath as the ball bounced around the spinning roulette wheel. Ordinarily he would be hoping for the ball to settle on his chosen number but, this time, he didn’t want the wheel to stop spinning at all.

The Theme – Hope

“ A different sort of hero."

Summary: Napoleon and Illya are once again in Monte Carlo, but this time they must enlist the help of an innocent to help them 'get out of Dodge' during France's blockade of the Principality of Monaco. (The story has a surprise 'crossover')

Click on the pic to take you to the story:

799px-Monaco City 001

Tags: challenges, gen, mrua7, once upon a time, section vii
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