lilidelafield (lilidelafield) wrote in section7mfu,

A Drabble ; wip; 07 February; 100 words; The Anniversary part 2 (sorry it is day late)

Mark returned to his office and flopped down at his desk, pinching his lower lip. April his partner glanced up from the report she was writing.

     “What’s up?”

     “I just spoke to Illya about that party...”

     “He said no?”

     “He seemed happy at the thought of a party, but no way will he bring a date, and that’s final. He gave me the real icy stare. If I’d stayed a moment longer, we’d have ended up having a row. What is with him?”

April sighed sadly.

     “I think I know what's wrong with Illya...”

     “Will he be alright, April?”

Tags: a little drabble do ya, gen, lilidelafield
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