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"Mother Nature" for A Little Drabble Do Ya!

A triple drabble: inspired by today's weather.

“Rain, sleet, snow,” Napoleon grumbled.” I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind. Yesterday it was over 60 degrees and now this!"

He was trundling along the messy sidewalk, a block away from Del Floria’s.

Bundled up in a lined trench coat, wearing a fedora and muffler, along with a pair of galoshes; he seemed well prepared against the weather.

Kuryakin was beside him, dressed in his wool peacoat a knit hat and a pair of black leather army boots.

They’d left their shared taxi, caught in the snow and the two agents walked to headquarters.

“Who is this Mother Nature you prattling on about?

“She’s nature personified as a woman, considered as a force that has power over human beings.”

“You make it sound as though she were a goddess, I thought you as a Catholic believed in only one god.”

“Not a god..she’s, it’s just nature.”

Illya huffed as he went down the steps in front of the little tailor shop; opening the door, he was happy to hear the welcoming ring of the brass bell.

Followed inside by his partner, Illya turned to him.

“I think you are being a bit libidinous projecting the image of a woman on nature itself.”

“Libidinous? For once not my doing tovarisch. I didn’t invent the term Mother Nature, though I think it’s a fitting name for the changeability of nature...just like a woman changes her mind, sometimes without warning or consideration for others.”

At that exact moment there was an immense thunder clap, startling both men as well as Del Floria.

Overhearing the conversation the man behind the steam press spoke up.

“Gentleman, don’t you know it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature?”

“Oh I like that,” Napoleon smiled.

Kuryakin could only shake his head...

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