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Come join us!

For the benefit of our newest cousins: Here's a breakdown of our current writing and non-writing events here on section7mfu ,

We're a writing site, that's pretty much all we do here, and are loving every minute of it. However, we're not just all about writing challenges, as the site is for open posting as well.

If you've written a gen or gen-mature MFU story, you're most welcome to post it or repost it here anytime!

                       Come Join 3-2

We have lots to choose from:

1. The Short Affair Challenge (due on Mondays) hosted by JantoJones

2. PicFic Tuesday twice monthly Challenge hosted my mrua7

3. The once upon a time affair, twice monthly Challenge hosted by Jantojones

4. A little Drabble Do Ya (due on Wednesdays)  hosted by Glennagirl

5. Song Story, hosted by Alynwa

6.. HOWDOWE (quarterly) Hosted by glennagirl

Some of our weekly challenges are on temporary hiatus: The Great Episode Challenge, The Lifecycle Challenge, What if? What’s my line?

Other events on Section VII:

Fridays:  Glennagirl, our fearless leader, posts the “From the Archives”-stories posted on that particular date from the past on Section VII, while periodically the Reading Room pops up on Friday- for Glennagirl’s personal reading recommendations..

On Saturday we have the Writer’s Choice! hosted by mrua7. This is an opportunity for writers  to rec. their own stories and readers to rec. stories by their favorite authors.

On Sunday's from time to time Glenna will host a round table discussion.

Periodically Glennagirl posts a poll with some rather intriguing questions to answer, and also from time to time we have a Round-Robin writing challenge or an impromptu writing challenge.

We host writing event the week before Halloween, so keep your eyes open for that, and in December we usually have a holiday inspired writing event.

AGAIN, Section VII is not just about challenges, as writers can also post non-challenge stories here any time!




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