lilidelafield (lilidelafield) wrote in section7mfu,

A Drabble ; wip; 31 January; 100 words; The Anniversary part 1

       “I’ve already said ‘No’ Mark, do I have to say it again? Thank you for the invitation, but I will have to decline.”

“You can come along and have a good time, Illya. There’ll be plenty of good grub. I thought you’d enjoy a free meal and be surrounded by your friends.”

       “Not if a prerequisite is taking along a date, I cannot.”

       “I didn’t say you `ad to, Guv. You can come by yerself if you want, as long as you come.”

       “In that case Mark, thank you, I might come along.”

Mark nodded and left, exhausted and confused.

Tags: a little drabble do ya, gen, lilidelafield
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