glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

Behind the Wall - A Little Drabble Do Ya

I couldn't resist joining in on the 4th Wall fun.  Thanks to jantojones for the inspiration, and to avirra for her ingenious use of empty quotation marks (that I have borrowed numerous times).
Question: Do we want to explore the Fourth Wall periodically?  I mean, there's a logo :D


"I thought I told you to not say anything to anyone about… you know."


"You know…"

"I do not know. And who is telling the thing that I do not know, or care about?"


"Napoleon, you must explain it to me in order for me to grasp or remember what it is you are referencing."

"Someone has written down all of the details of my little tryst with Angelique.  Only you knew about it, so who did you tell?"

"I swear on my honor, and I do have just a smidgeon left, that I have told no one."

"It's them…"

Tags: 4th wall, glennagirl, little drabble do ya
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