glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

And Again... Valentine Art in the Gallery

Several years ago (2014), we did a Valentine Card challenge at the mfu_gallery.  I think it might be fun to revisit that idea, and let everyone who's interested post a valentine to our guys, or from them to all of us.
The idea is simple, and if you like you can print these later and add them to whatever stash of MFU goodies you might have.  The original concept was to make them the size of an Artist Trading Card, which is 2.5x3.5 inches.  You can find inches to pixels calculators online if you need or want to print out the ATC size image.  The ATC measurement is the size of a playing card, so it can fit into the little envelopes, plastic storage sheets, etc... You can also find envelopes for ATCs at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or other craft/paper supply stores.
Try cutting and pasting, photoshoping or original artwork; any method that works for you, it's all in fun. Posting begins the week of Valentine's Day...Feb.11- 17
mfu gallery v'day.jpg
Tags: artist trading cards, artwork, valentine day
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