glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

It's Cold Outside... Time To Read...

We had Writers' Choice yesterday, but today is good for recommending stories as well.
I was looking at the MFU Archive, one of the tried and true sites for MFU fiction, and found a series of stories based around the premise of the Return Movie.  You may be one of those who disdain the film, but I have taken inspiration from it in my own House of Vanya series.
hypatia_66 has a very satisfying and engaging take on it that I believe will make for a  pleasureable afternoon of reading for everyone who checks it out.
You can find her page HERE and the series is All In Honor.  Just a note, the last entry (part 5), is actually a prequel to the series, so it works if you read it first rather than leaving it to last; just my preference now that I've read it.

Tags: hypatia_66, return movie, vanya
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