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Great Episode Challenge for January 2018

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The Unified Northern Casualty and Liability Exchange proudly presents The Great Episode Challenge.

This monthly challenge includes two prompts drawn from a single episode, allowing you to explore unresolved scenes, unanswered questions, and uncertain motivations.

And now for tonight's program.

In New York City, on a street in the East Forties, there’s an ordinary tailor shop. Or is it ordinary?

Episode: The Adriatic Express Affair (S2E12)

GEC Jan 18 Ep

GEC Jan 18 Prompts
Prompt 1: When talking of Thrush, the elegant Madame Olga Nemirovitch says, “Dear Mr. Solo, the entire organization was my idea.” She also calculates Thrush’s start at 43 years and 11 months prior to that New Year’s Eve. So the questions arise…Is she telling the truth? Did Madame Nemirovitch really help create Thrush in late January 1922? How much power did she wield in Thrush Central? What were the consequences of her death?

Prompt 2: To convince a flirty model to bring them bottles of soda, Illya tells her, “I burst into flames with very little encouragement.” At the episode’s end, he is smiling and plying her with champagne. The questions…When was the last time someone gave Illya a little encouragement? Does he let the model light him up when they reach Venice?

Inquiring minds want to know.

For the challenge, write a story inspired by one of the prompts. If you have already written a story that addresses any of these questions, please repost it.

Section VII is a Gen & Gen-mature site. Stories that are Het, long-term romance & AU can be posted in the Map Room. All other genres post in UNCLE du Jour.

Posting Dates: Friday, January 19th through Thursday, January 25th

Word Count: 500 minimum, no maximum

Subject Header: The Great Episode Challenge, the title, and the date

Tags: episode_challenge, gen or gen_mature

Please include the episode title and the prompt at the top of your post.
Tags: challenges, episode_challenge, section vii
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