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Judge Not - Episode Challenge Jingle Bells Affair

Bonus Prompt: Napoleon, ever the ladies’ man, flirts with Priscilla Worth, the Salvation Army innocent. The questions…Was Napoleon very attracted to her? What would happen if he pursued that attraction?



Illya Kuryakin was generally not a hothead, and tended to not interfere in other peoples' business.  But today, the day after New Years, he was hotly contesting with his friend the wisdom of his flirtation with the demure Salvation Army representative, Priscilla Worth.  She personified the term 'innocent' that they used to describe unsuspecting volunteers in the ongoing quest for law and order.  She was also very charmed by the American agent, to the point of agreeing to see him after the Jingle Bells episode involving Koz.

He and Napoleon were on a surveillance, sitting in the car and waiting for a THRUSH minion to appear and lead them to his boss.  The man had gone inside a little cafe, presumably to eat lunch, which left time for a conversation that had been on the backburner for a week or so.

"Don't you think that this woman, this religious woman from a religiously themed organization…'' Napoleon put up his hand to stop Illya from going too far.

"What? Do you wonder how this virtuous woman could be interested in someone such as myself? A man with a reputation for wining, dining and bedding his dates; can he possibly be serious about her?

Illya stopped short of agreeing too heartily.

"I mention it merely for the benefit of comparison, Napoleon.  She is not your typical femme du jour, if you will pardon my saying so."  No smirk on his face betrayed anything more than a genuine observation of the notorious womanizer's habit of choosing glamorous and worldly women with whom to spend time.

Napoleon looked down, taking note of the leather upholstery and general elegance of the vehicle.  He liked fine things.

"She is a very nice young lady.  Perhaps I simply want to spend time with someone who isn't, I don't know… corrupted, by our line of work and the materialistic standards of society.' He stole a glance at Illya, whose raised left eyebrow betrayed a decidedly disbelieving spy sort of attitude.

"She's pretty, okay.  And she's kind and funny.  I just like being with her, and she doesn't expect anything more than the simple dates we've had together… and enjoyed, I might add."  He was looking at his friend now,
'I'm just asking for less judgement and more …Bonne volonté, since we're using French now for emphasis."

Illya did smirk now, both for the sake of his judgement and Napoleon's remark about using French.  He resisted reminding his partner of the disdain he held for his accent.  For impact and in the spirit of all things French, Illya threw up his arms as if in defeat, or retreat.  He would say no more on the subject.

For his part, Napoleon knew the friendship he shared with Priscilla was just that; friendship.  She had no interest in him romantically, something about not being saddled… no, that wasn't it… yoked.  She said she could not be unequally yoked to someone who did not share her faith.  At first he was offended, and slightly confused, but she explained to him that her work was her calling.  She could not exchange it for mere romance if the man could not fully embrace what she did, and even join her in it.

"To tell you the truth Illya, she isn't interested in me.  I don't, um… measure up to her standards.  And you know what?"  Illya stood silent, raising the eyebrow once again.

"I get it.  My love affair with Clara ended because she couldn't, or wouldn't let me live out my commitment to UNCLE.  We weren't, as Priscilla calls it, of like faith.  So there you have it.  I consider her a friend, and an unusually wise counselor.  But there is not a romance brewing, not unless I leave UNCLE and join the Salvation Army."

Illya let out a snort before he could stop himself.

"I doubt that her organization will lure you away from here my friend.  I am sorry, Napoleon, for doubting your judgement and your motives.  I imagine Miss Worth is true to her name, worth your time and loyalty."

"Thank you, and I forgive you." He winked at Illya, receiving yet another raised eyebrow as a reply.

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