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January Calendar

I think Hilda, by Duane Bryer, has just the right attitude for a lover of MFU.  I also tend to think she has a huge crush on Napoleon Solo, something that could lead her into all sort of interesting situations.  I'm including a link to an article about the creation and relevance of Hilda in a world where her kind of self-love is a refreshing characteristic.  I hope  you enjoy spending the year with our new Calendar Girl.
Two new events are on the calendar: Post Your Prompt and Section VII Archives.  The first one is for anyone who has an idea to post a prompt for a story idea.  It's open to everyone, and all takers are invited to write and post on any day, giving the prompt and username of the person who submitted it.
Section VII Archives is just that.  I'll be posting links to stories from our archive, a wonderful respository of stories from the past six years.
It's a new year, a new opportunity for all of us to continue in the love fest we share with the men from UNCLE.

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