glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

Drabbling for Christmas...

a little drabble do ya.jpg

A Merry Christmas Drabble...

Twas the Wednesday before Christmas

And all through the Comm

Words they were flying

Like THRUSH on the run

Our agents were wishing

For time off the clock

Their lives so unyielding

To virtue and luck

Napoleon thrived in the holiday mood

While Illya feigned bravely

The Soviet brood

His face revealed nothing

As Christmas drew near

He mustn't give in

To this holiday cheer

Napoleon waited

His partner would yield

When joy was created

By seeing the meal

For one thing was certain

The blond loved to eat

The Christmas table

The ultimate treat

Merry Christmas

and Bon Appetit

S7 RR.jpg

Tags: glennagirl, little drabble do ya
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