otherhawk (otherhawk) wrote in section7mfu,

Little Drabble do ya - If I ruled the world...

“Have you ever thought about ruling the world?”

 “In our line of work that question sounds rather more like treason than idle whimsy.”

 “It was a game we used to play as kids. ‘If I ruled the world, what would I change?’ You know the sort of thing.”

 “Shorter skirts and sheerer tops.”

 “Tovarisch, I’m surprised at you!"

“No, I was answering for you….oh, very well. Napoleon, if you ruled the world, what would you change?”

 “Good question, pal. I would make sure everyone gets paid twice in the run-up to Christmas. How about you?”

 “I would ban hypothetical questions.”



Tags: a little drabble do ya, otherhawk
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